Debt Boss: Hard Mode

MY FIRST POST!! (Total Lvl 1 newb with shit gear!!!!)

WARNING: I have a potty mouth so if swearing or offensive shit hurts your eyeballs best leave now!!!

FYI Gaming terminology: Gamer Jargon!

Debt Boss…… Almost everyone has it, amiright????

Well the Hubs and I wanna slay that Demon Bitch and collect mad loot/epic gear! Or as non gaming nerds call it: save that cash money yo! and invest in our retirement without debt hogging our money! (so rude, right???? pfffffff)

(OMFG someone at work just walked by me and I swear they doused themselves in gallons of Vanilla Fields perfume *gag* *cough* BLECH!!)

ANYWAYS (still choking) one day while perusing Facebook at work (so naughty) I came across this dude called ‘Money Peach .’ This guy and his hot wifey went hard mode on their debt and killed a 52k debt boss in 7 months. Like holy shit snacks!!! MAD DPS BRO! He was sick of living paycheck to paycheque (I’m Canadian so I’m gonna throw some ‘proper’ spelling of certain words so HA!) While me and my hubby aren’t quite living paycheck to paycheque (EH!) we want to do better.

Next I took Mr. Peach’s advice and read Dave Ramsey’s The Total Money Makeover. WELL f*ck me running MIND BLOWN!!! (If you aren’t religious just ignore the Christian stuff because the rest is life changing, like for real…do it…you won’t!)  After I was done reading the book I forced my wonderful husband to read it. He completed that quest line with flying colours (EH!) and his mind was blown too!!! Seriously, mind splatter err’where!!!! (gross >.<)

Soooooooo….. I’ve been in charge of the Guild Bank (finances) in our household and taking care of all the bills yada yada and I have felt like we haven’t gotten anywhere with our Debt Boss. That ho bag is taking up all our funds! This dungeon sucks!! Something’s gotta change people! Mr. Money Peach and Mr Dave Ramsey blew my mind! He started that inkling in my head that this shit has got to change. Me and my main tank (the Hubs) are 36 and don’t have any substantial retirement savings going. Just minimal work ones… fail sauce 😦

So bitches here’s what’s happening! We are following the advice from the Oracles (Mr. Peach and Sir Dave Ramsey) and are going to do the Guild Bank (finances) together. This way me and my Tank (Hubs) are together in this epic battle. I’ll throw big heals on him when he needs it and KikiBear (the pooch) will lay down lots of DPS!!! NERD ALERT! Ok back to it! Its all about Oracle Ramsey’s baby steps. Here’s our plan of attack!

  1. MAKE A BUDGET! We use Sir Ramsey’s Every Dollar App! (pssst! It’s free and you can access it from PC and IPhone app!!!) It also has the baby steps in the program as well which is total bonus XP! We still use pen and paper for our budget because we plan where the money goes per each paycheque (EH!) cause we are paid biweekly. We then put all our transactions into the app.
  2. Emergency Fund- Sir Ramsey suggests saving $1000 in case of emergencies but me and Loverman wanna go with $2000. (We have it saved already so this makes us happy in the pantaloons! Just don’t tell Dave! KK??)
  3. Debt Snowball- Time for the tank and spank! As per Mr. Peach and Sir Ramsey we have organized our Debt Bosses from smallest to largest (not including The Monster aka mortgage). Game plan is to pay the small one off by focusing all our DPS (money) and paying minimum payments on all the other debts. When that Debt Boss is TANGO DOWN we then throw everything at the next Debt Boss! And so on and so on……..
  4. Top up the GUILD BANK (Emergency fund)- Fill this bitch with enough casholla to cover 3-6 months of expenses.
  5. Retirement and Investing- I really look forward to this end game challenge!! The plan here is to max out contributions at work and to also have other IRA’s maxed out as well. Spread that shit around!
  6. College Fund- No offspring for us so we are gonna skip this level 🙂
  7. Pay off the Monster! (Mortgage)- We plan on refinancing to a 15 year instead of the 30 year mortgage we have.

Anyways! Gotta go! I have house shit to do bitches!

I will go more into our Debt Bosses next time 🙂



P.S. Here’s a tasty morsel for your viewing pleasure.Like a Canadian Anthem  in my opinion 😀 click it! You won’t!!


2 thoughts on “Debt Boss: Hard Mode

  1. This chick gives a fun, refreshing way to talk about boring financial shit. (Potty mouth themed) Very informative post and I personally appreciate all the links!


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