Debt Boss: Plan of Attack

Sooooooooooooooooo….. my main man, aka the Hubs, gave me some constructive criticism on my first blog post and he nailed it on the head….. Yes, I Potty Mouth, am a complete f*cking scatterbrain! I’m all over the place! I think I have mild A.D.D. to tell you the truth! And it obviously comes out in my last post so I apologize for that. (I’m also a really good procrastinator :D)


The Husband and I are totally gonna snowball the shit out of our debt!!! SO F*CKING EXCITED!! So here is our debt boss line up from smallest to fattest:

Synchrony Bank Finance thingy for a water softener/ water filtration system! (Our water is super hard and was f*cking up our pipes and we got the filtration system because our under sink system wasn’t doing much………..and it was 0% financing….we are so weak) this is our smallest debt boss. This bitch is the one we are throwing everything at! Tank and Spank!

Minimum payment is $53 per month.   

Credit Card:  Hate these things!!! (I want to cut this f*cking thing up but my Main Tank wants to keep it just in case) RAWR!! Minimum payment is $85 per month.

Minimum payment is $85 per month.

Bank of Mommy: Love this woman! She helped me through some tough times and I wanna not have this weighing on me…I feel guilty for having to borrow money so I want to give back what I owe. Love you mommy :*

No Minimum payment at this time. (SORRY MOMMY)

Car Loan: My husband LOVES Betsy! (2011 Ford Edge Limited) So this makes me so proud: after reading Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover my lover turned to me and said ‘I need to sell my car so we can get rid of the car loan.’ I was f*cking floored! I didn’t think he would give that baby girl up but he surprised me shitless! LOVE HIM! But this ho-bag debt monster will be TANGO DOWN when we sell the car 😀 SUPER HAPPY FACE! We should be able to get between 17K and 19K for the car since its in good condition and the mileage is lower than normal. So we will pay off the loan and with the remainder get a reliable car (with no SHITTY CAR PAYMENTS!!!) and put around $3-400 into my 2000 Honda Civic for a timing belt and water pump (recommended because my car is over 90k mile and I wanna drive this bitch into the ground.)

Car payment $361.40 per month. *gag

Consolidation Loan in Canada Eh!I was silly in my youth and racked up credit card and student loan debt. Sad face. So I consolidated it all together for one easy payment! /FACEPALM! The nice thing is that the Canadian dollar tanked, so my monthly payment doesn’t hurt as bad. Just sucked balls when I moved because right before that the Canadian dollar was worth more USD. F*ckin Eh, right?

Monthly payment $475.40 CAD/ $356.05 USD EWWW!

Debt Boss Approximated Total:  $28,400.00 (this is including the car loan since we haven’t sold the car yet)



SOOOOOO anyways I used this trusty Debt Snowball Calculator by Financial and I listed our debts from small to large. (There’s an options to do it from highest interest rate to lowest but I find from smallest to largest is more satisfying.) So I figure if all goes to plan we will have Debt Boss Bitch Queen gone in 14 to 18 months. F*ck ya bitches!!!!!! Then onto the next baby step.

Well, I have finger cramps from all that vigorous typing. 

I gotta get back to work!!!!


Mrs. Potty Mouth  





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