Eating Heathly on a Budget

Just because you are being thrifty doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice healthy nutritious food. Me and the Hubs are total foodies and we have the extra cushion for the pushin to prove it. We are both trying to lose weight and be healthy so we can live long and happy lives together (I know- *barf lol) and we want to do it without breaking the bank!

I know ramen noodles are super f*cking yummy and only cost like $2 for a pack of 12 (dammit) but they are soooo bad for you. Though I could eat those bad boys for days….. We are trying to eliminate naughty foods from our grocery budget so those f*ckers got kicked off the list. Also my husband has refrained from buying slim jims as of late cause those assholes are super bad for you and those sucker add up (thanks babe!!!) I have made my sacrifice to the budget gods as well. I LOVE sparkling water! It’s not bad for me per say but its a cost that we don’t need. We have a really good (expensive) water filtration system so I have given up my bubbly water addiction for the greater good 🙂 (I’m amazing, I know)

Lunches! Packing our lunches for work saves us a shit load of money. Tho I’m the baddie in the Potty Mouth family. I work a lot of double shifts at work (YA OVERTIME BITCHES) so I tend to eat at the employee cafeteria during those shifts. Its yummy and convenient. Ya, I’m weak 😦 They have it set up so you can use your employee ID badge to pay. You get a discount on yummy food and its deducted off your paycheque (Eh!) It adds up so I’m making more of an effort to not eat from the super yummy delicious cafeteria…. Damn you amazing salad bar! I’m also a sucker for the mac and cheese when they have it! Fatty fat fat fat!!!!!

As for groceries, we LOVE Costco! We have to be careful when we go because its super easy to drop major coin and blow your food budget for the month. We try to go once a month or every 2 months or so if possible. We go with a list and stick with it as best as possible. I also find the organic products that Costco carries are very affordable and worth the extra couple bucks so we always get a big ass bag of organic brown rice (my fav) and quinoa (hubs fav) because they last forever. Costco brand organic eggs are only $6.99 for 2 dozen. That works out to 29 cents an egg… F*cking EH! We also get a carton of egg whites to make the eggs last longer as well. Bags O Chicken in the freezer aisle!!!! F*ck ya!!!!! (Not organic because we cant afford organic meat, sadface) Its our main source of protein and my hubs makes really good random marinades. So we stock up at Costco and then go to Giant or Aldi when we need little things that we don’t need to buy huge amounts of. I always check flyers to see where I can get the best deals and use coupons when possible 🙂 Also gotta love the Checkout51 and Ibotta apps!!!!

One of my favorite recipe resources is a cook book called Good and Cheap by Leanne Brown. The PDF on her website is FREE (Um ya!!!) or you can purchase it from Amazon for $1.99 Kindle/ $10.21 Paperback. The author of this book is amaze-balls and did this book for a great cause so head to her site and check that shit out! I use her recipe for Roti (around 0.03 cents a roti) for when we use up our store bought bread. It’s super easy and my hubs likes to work magic and add different herbs and spice to kick that shit up and make them more flavorful (love that guy.)

Hi Rotis 😀 Get in my mouth

I also use her pizza dough recipe (the slow method) and make a big batch, portion it, and freeze it. (I use whole wheat flour not all purpose) And I love the recipe for Spicy Panzanella ($1.30 per serving) minus the spicy cause I can’t handle that shit. SO excited to try more of her recipes so I will let you know which ones I try and how they are!

We also have a veggie garden! This helps save money as well. I’m going on my third year of growing shit so I think I’m starting to get the hang of it. My husbands main lunch that he takes to work is salad so I try to grow a nice variety to keep things interesting for him. I grow arugula (which is also good to make pesto), kale, and a gourmet lettuce blend for salads. I also do lots of basil and cilantro because those are our favourite (Eh!) fresh herbs. Last year I did get some baby blackberry, raspberry, and blueberry bushes but SOMEONE weed wacked the shit out of them. The blueberry bush was the unfortunate victim of cat pee. BAD KITTY! Maybe this year will be better lol.

Other resources:

Wise Bread has some great shopping tips and great omm nomm recipes! Check out the recipes for their Power Bowls!!! F*ckin yums!

Frugalwoods!   Love them! So jealous of their homestead!

The Frugal Farmer Great recipes and gardening tips.

And of course Pinterest has oooodles of healthy meal ideas 🙂

Let me know what you think and what ideas you have for saving money on groceries!!


Mrs. Potty Mouth


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