Meal Prep Follow Up


I’m weak….. I bought shit at work to eat *sigh

And I’m f*cking exhausted. Worked 32 hours in 2 days!!! Anyways here’s how I did:

Monday I forgot to bring dressing for my salad and I bought a piece of lemon herb chicken. My salad was puny so I got the extra protein to hold me over.

Dressing: $0.20

Chicken: $2.00

Tuesday I kept hitting that f*cking annoying ass snooze button so I didn’t have time to make my tea….So I got some at work :*(

Tea: $0.80

I mean I guess I didn’t do too bad. Better than having breakfast lunch and dinner at the caf like I have some days working doubles. Proud of myself 😀

We have run out of bread in the Potty Mouth Castle so I’m making some whole wheat roti tomorrow. We also have an ass load of limes that I don’t want to go bad so I’m going to throw them in the juicer and freeze the juice in ice cube trays. So handy 😀

That’s all till next time!!! This weekend we will be making our first debt snowball payment!!! So excited!!!!


Mrs. Potty Mouth



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