Debt Boss: First Snowball Payment!!!

To show how excited I am to make our first debt snowball payment I drew a picture in MS Paint!!!!! lol (I don’t have photoshop 😦 )

GO ART SCHOOL!!!! (I knew I’d use this education some day….)

I can art ‘n shit

WELLLL!!! Me and my Main Tank threw some money at our debt boss ho-bag! We made our first snowball debt payment! Snow balls in your mouth!!!! No more Lowe’s credit card payment. Paid that bitch off and also paid the last of our medical bills!!! After all our regular bills and shit were paid we threw the rest at our Synchrony Bank finance thingy for the water softener system in our house.

Totally tingling my feel goods right now!!!!

Hope you liked my super awesomsauce drawing 😀


Mrs. Potty Mouth

Fuck ya!




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