Shit I Like!

This list will get bigger but for now here are some of my favorite books, websites, finance blogs, apps, and other shit!!!

Finance Blogs!!!!

Mr Money Mustache. Fuck ya this guy is amaze-balls! He and his wifey retired in their early 30’s and are cruising pretty! His articles are always interesting and informative. Love that stache! And he’s Canadian so it makes him even more awesome!

Budgets Are Sexy This guy is a goldmine!! So much info and just an all around good resource! Plus he drives the Franken- Caddy and its fucking hilarious lol. He also has another site called Rockstar Finance that’s financial shit he finds from all over the internetz! He has cool hair too.

Frugalwoods Well these people are cute as hell. I wanna pinch their cheeks. Their little family is comprised of Mr and Mrs Frugalwoods, Babywoods, and Frugalhound. (Who always has the most darling outfits on!) I’m totally jealous of these assholes (I mean that in a loving way of course!) They have my dream property. Continue reading