Tried to Go Casual with Comcast (or cut the cord)

So the Hubs and I decided we were going to break up with Comcast….. well not completely. Just wanted to keep it casual (internet/ home security) and date other people (Netflix, Amazon Prime.) We finally had enough of the continuous rate hikes we were getting and thought- fuck this shit we deserve better!!!! When we bought our house a couple years ago we decided to go steady with Comcast. Not like we had a choice since they are the only suppliers in our area. Kinda felt like an arranged marriage, you know? Our package was high speed internet, TV with DVR digital whatever, home security system, and land line that we don’t use. (The plan would be more expensive without the land line, WTF???) So initially out bill was around $150 and slowly crept up to $253. FUUUCCCKKK THAATTTT!! Continue reading


Garden Update/ Free Shit!!!!

Hey bitches! xoxoxo

Well my veggie garden is coming along….. not as good as last years but still truckin!!! I took pictures:

My poor single beet 😦

I did add more golden beet seeds in hopes that those little fuckers with give Bob the Beet some company. (Ya! I named that beet)  Continue reading