I went MIA! SO BAD! Update!

Welp! I neglected my blog 😦

I’m a baddie, I know

Just to catch up- still slugging away at that debt whore! The Hubs and I decided to switch to a debt avalanche instead of a debt snowball. So we are now flinging money at the debt with the highest interest rate: fucking visa! lol

Anyways! We also did a no-no and went on a trip to the beach with our friends. But we have both been working our asses off so we deserved to take a break. (I also needed a break due to health concerns. Work was really taking a toll on me.) We saved up while still putting money in savings and putting money that we could towards our debt bitch. Total cost of beach trip: $800 for 5 days 4 nights. $200 for the townhouse and $600 for gas, food, and BEER!!!! We also treated ourselves to some needed clothing (YAY OUTLETS). Hubs got a new sweatshirt and some underwear and I got a light-weight Under Armor work out top! (It was only $9!!!!!) FUCK YA!!

So we are back on track! Our latest paychecks hurt a little due to our time off. We get paid for the days we took off but its not as much as we are used to…..we lost our 10% shift differential for working 2nd shift and I didn’t accumulate any overtime. BUT I shifted some shit around and made out budget work! We also made a Costco trip and went $100 over our budget BUT we will have enough food to mostly last us till the end of the month. Our monthly food budget is $400 and we spent $300 of it OOPS! But we will be fine! We will only have to buy some fruit and veggies when we run out in a week or two 🙂

I also purchased a drawing tablet because my husband and his friend are going to start a little brewing company 🙂 yay BEER!! So I’m designing their company symbol and beer labels. SUPER EXCITED! I only need to find the time to do it AND teach myself how to use Adobe Illustrator LOL. But hopefully I can use this as a way to make money on the side!!! YAY!!!

The Vegetable Garden is not as good as last year…. It’s my fault because I was working too much and kept putting off planting and shit. Plus I’m not happy with the organic soil I purchased this year, it’s really mulchy and I feel that its hindering some of my plants. My cucumbers are going ape shit so I can’t wait to try my hand at refrigerator pickles! My kale is also doing well and needs a trim! OMMM NOM! But my salads and basil are taking their sweet ass time growing. I have one beet growing (pouty face). So I need to throw more seeds in and get those going.

Anyways bitches! That’s it for now!






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