Garden Update/ Free Shit!!!!

Hey bitches! xoxoxo

Well my veggie garden is coming along….. not as good as last years but still truckin!!! I took pictures:

My poor single beet 😦

I did add more golden beet seeds in hopes that those little fuckers with give Bob the Beet some company. (Ya! I named that beet) 

Lettuce be friends!!!!!

I had a random (rogue) tomato plant pop up and my onions a sucking balls. I also have spinach growing (total pain!) I had my little starter spinach seedlings sprouting away in their little seedling container until I felt they would make it on their own in the big bad world!!! Popped those little shits in the ground and the next day something (fucking squirrel???) had gone into the garden, pulled the seedling pod thingy out of the ground, and probably gave it a sniff or too before throwing it over its shoulder. Fucking rude!!! Next year I plan to put stinky flower pots around my garden to keep those shit heads away! Marigolds and chrysanthemums are suppose to be good deterrents. I’m also not happy with the soil I got….. its really mulchy…… but next year when all that shit breaks down it will add some num nums to the soil.

ALLLSSSOOOOOOOOO my employer got us Zagster for us to use at work! Its a bike share thing, or whatever its called, and we get to use the bike for 2 hours FOR FRREEEEEEEE!!! I like free shit!

I need a helmet

This is great!! I still have yet to try them out….. lol


Later kids



Mrs Pottymouth


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