Tried to Go Casual with Comcast (or cut the cord)

So the Hubs and I decided we were going to break up with Comcast….. well not completely. Just wanted to keep it casual (internet/ home security) and date other people (Netflix, Amazon Prime.) We finally had enough of the continuous rate hikes we were getting and thought- fuck this shit we deserve better!!!! When we bought our house a couple years ago we decided to go steady with Comcast. Not like we had a choice since they are the only suppliers in our area. Kinda felt like an arranged marriage, you know? Our package was high speed internet, TV with DVR digital whatever, home security system, and land line that we don’t use. (The plan would be more expensive without the land line, WTF???) So initially out bill was around $150 and slowly crept up to $253. FUUUCCCKKK THAATTTT!!So Hubs and I had a sit down and decided we had to trim some fat. We were going to just have internetz (approx. $75), home security ($40) and all the streaming services ($45 or so) Well, we got on the phone with Comcast and explained that we weren’t happy with the bill they were giving us every month and felt that the relationSHIT wasn’t working for us anymore. Comcast laid it on thick. Made us promises that they would treat us better and that they could make this work.

The package we had:

  • Perfomance Pro Internet/ Digital Starter TV/ Home Phone Bundled-$114.19
  • Digital Preferred TV- $17.95
  • HBO- $15
  • Sports Entertainment Pkg- $9.95
  • Anyroom DVR- $10.00
  • Additional Outlet (that we used once)- $3.99
  • HD technology fee (really? What the fuck?)- $9.95
  • Modem rental areyoufuckingkiddingme- $10.00
  • Home Security- $39.95
  • Taxes and whatever else they charge for- $21.22

Total- $253.00

The schmoozing package Comcast lured us back into bed with:

  • BlastPlus Internet/Phone(fuck)/Digital Preferred that includes HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, STARZ, Steampix and Sports Pkg- $139.99
  • Modem Rental (fuckinghell)- $10.00
  • Home Security- $39.95
  • Taxes and other shit- $21.65 (snuck in some regional sports fee in there)

Total- $211.59

Well we went for it and saved $41.41. We thought we would save more but the hubs and I didn’t factor in the additional taxes and fees- ya we suck. We took the bait. Though, we are going to buy the modem from ebay (refurbished for $60) so we don’t have to pay the rental fee. So total savings will be $51.41 with a monthly SET bill at $201.59. No more mysterious increases!!! We pretty much got a lot of stuff included like the premium channels and faster internetz! We also saved $23.94 because we got rid of the additional outlet and they aren’t charging us for the HD/DVR fees like they were before. They also gave us a $20 service discount on top of the contract discount because they thought we were awesome (ya ok!!) While I’m not entirely happy with the continuing relationshit with Comcast, it will do for now. Couldn’t quite cut the cord but maybe in 2 years when the contract ends and they try their shenanigans again we will finally make the plunge and dump them for good!!!

That’s it for now!!!


Mrs Pottymouth







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