Financial Update/ Health


Just stopping in for an update!! (It’s kinda long, soz)


On the financial front we took a bit of a hit last month bbbooooooooooo!! Had to get the timing belt/water pump and other belts done in my 2000 civic. Cost was $525 but she purrs like a kitten! My husband also needed a new phone (fuck.) It stopped working so we ventured down to AT&T and got new phones..($500)… shame on me, I know. But Hubs has been given strict instructions to take care of his phone. Love that guy. Also had to pay for our car insurance for the year ($916.) Needless to say our savings account took quite the hit right in the pancreas. (That’s something my husband always says lol)  BUT we were able to put a little in savings annnnndddd put a chunk on the visa!!!! Fuck you debt boss!!!


The garden is also producing very well! Lots of kale, basil, cilantro, salad and tomatoes are feeding our bellies. Unfortunately squash bugs killed my cucumber plants. What assholes! We did get about 6 cukes before I had to clear the vines from the garden. Husband tried his hand at refrigerator pickles and they turned out amazeballz!


On another note I’m going to talk about my health issues which is something I haven’t done before. I think this would be a good outlet.

First I have been on the fat rollercoaster my whole life. Its a battle that I’m not winning. At my heaviest I weighed around 350lbs. Something had to change, so I joined weight watchers and lost 150lbs!!! Its a great plan and I loved it and it helped me become a healthier person. When I moved to the USA to marry my love muffin I canceled my WW plan (in Canada) with the intention of rejoining on the US side of things. That didn’t happen and for the next 2 years I got back on that coaster and my weight finally settled at 248lbs. I did lose a lot of weight last year but it wasn’t in a good way.

In the beginning of 2015 I was having issues with plantar fasciitis. Fuckin eh it sucks lol. I did the cortisone shots which didn’t really do much for me and was then put on Prednisone. I like to refer to that shit as evil!! HATE IT!! It promptly gave me a panic disorder that made me think there was something wrong with my heart. I was stressed and in a constant state of anxiety and couldn’t eat properly. So I lost weight the wrong way :(. I was eventually cleared by a cardiologist as having a healthy heart with benign palpitations (they still bother the fuck out of me!) The next day I woke up with swollen eyelids and swollen glands on the side of my face. Panic ensues!!! lol! After a month of going from doctor to doctor I landed at a specialty eye doctor who did a biopsy on my swollen eye (lacrimal) gland. Diagnosis- Sarcoidosis. I was relieved it wasn’t cancer but then I read more and more about my new inflammatory auto immune disease and realized its potentially fatal. It can cause my immune system to attack any organ or system in my body at random. As of now it my face is back to normal and I have active stable sarcoid in the lymph nodes in my chest. I feel like shit all the time and am in a constant state of chronic fatigue- I could sleep all day. Oh, and my fav- hot flashes!!! And not menopausal ones (I’m 36)but random shitty hot flashes and night sweats. I’m a mess lol. So after getting my anxiety under control (thank you Zoloft) I slowly gained weight back. As of March this year I decided that I need help with my weight and have being going through the process of being approved for a gastric sleeve. If I want to survive this disease I need to get healthy and be at a healthy weight. I have one more appointment to go to meet the criteria given by my insurance before approval! I just have to lose a couple more pounds before my last weight in! I tried the calorie counting on My Fitness Pal but I was really struggling with it. I then went back into the arms of my old friend Weight Watchers. SUP Oprah!!! The system changed but I love it! And it will fit in with my post op diet with the focus of eating more protein, veggies, fresh fruit and less sugar and saturated fat. They had a special and I am doing 3 months for $50! I’m on track now and losing weight and we are still sticking to our food budget. I’m much happier and love the WW Connect community. They are so inspiring and help me get through the struggles!!

Well shit, I’ve been chatty Cathy now haven’t I?

I will check you bitches later!!!


Potty Mouth

PS- Hey look what I get to eat!!!!




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