Stupid Expenditures/ Final Weigh-In!!


I’ll start with budget and expenditures!!! This summer has been costly…fukin eh! For August the husband’s car needed inspection which resulted in the car needing new brakes and rotors ($530 OUCH!!!!!) in order for it to pass. (sadface) Also my husband didn’t tell me about the suit rental ($150) for our friends wedding so I hadn’t budgeted for it and instead of taking money from our savings and paying for it that way, he put it on the visa (super fucking angry face.) Mind you we had FINALLY gotten the visa to under $2K the week before!!!!! I need to confiscate the credit cards from him and hide them. Hurts so bad! Oh, and our main breaker blew. (shitfuckingassholeshitfaceomfg) No AC makes me bitchy!!! So we didn’t have power from Friday at 9pm till 730am the next day. Emergency electrician and part- $95. Ice for the cooler to save our food- $16. We have a temporary breaker right now and just waiting for the election to come and install the new breaker. Hopefully we don’t have to get a whole new panel cause that would suck donkey balls.  Needless to say our savings account has taken quite the hit over the summer so in September we are going to pay minimums on our debt and throw all extra money into savings. Being an adult really sucks 😦

On the health side of things I had my final weigh in!!! I lost 9lbs! I ❤ Weight Watchers!!! So now I have to wait for my insurance to approve my surgery! Then I’ll go for pre-admission testing and then surgery. About a week or so before my surgery I have to go on a liquid diet to shrink my liver. I don’t know how I’m going to do that!!! Especially since I am only suppose to consume 800 calories a day.

Fatigue is kicking my ass. I slept 10 hours. Wanted to wake up early and go for a walk with the poochy. Trying again tomorrow!!!




3 thoughts on “Stupid Expenditures/ Final Weigh-In!!

  1. Congrats on getting through the final weigh in!! 9lbs is awesome…I didn’t eat/drink/breathe on the day of my final weigh in until AFTER I got through it! That is the hard part done (well aside from getting through the surgery part).

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  2. This summer has been crazy hard on us as well… mostly because I am the bread winner in our home and I am /have been on medical leave… so we lost 1/3 of our income…. really shitty thing to happen but here is hoping surgery goes well and I am back to work by mid October… 🙂

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