Surgery Update/ Adulting Still Sucks

No more fat cat for me!!!! He is cute tho….



SURGERY DATE NOVEMBER 1st!!!!!!!! Well tentative that is- Gotta wait for fucking insurance to approve. I had my final weight management appointment end of August and was told that I would get a phone call in a week or two. Two weeks later I hadn’t heard anything so I gave weight management a dingle to see what the fuck was going on! I’m impatient, I know. Apparently they were waiting on my respiratory specialist to send them some paperwork. I initially went to see him as part of my surgical clearance because I have Sarcoidosis which in most people who have it affects the lungs. I don’t have any lung involvement but the weight management doctor needed me to see respiratory for surgical clearance. I went and saw Dr. Shah who was super awesome! I passed my respiratory test and sleep study with flying colours!!! I was cleared for surgery! A couple months later I was having some pain when I would breathe so I saw Dr. Shah for a check up. He sent me for a CT scan to see if anything was going on. My chest lymph nodes that are affected by sarcoid (not in my lungs) show that they haven’t gotten any bigger and are stable! YUSSS! I do however have two itsy bitsy millimeter sized nodules pop up in my left lung. FUCK…… but he says right now I am fine and it won’t affect my surgery. I go for a repeat scan next year to see if the nodules get bigger. So anyways, weight management was requesting a second surgical clearance from Dr. Shah because I had a CT scan done and wanted to make sure I was ok for surgery. Respiratory kept sending the wrong info over so this delayed my insurance submittal 2 weeks. FUCKING FINALLY today they sent over the info that was requested. Bout fucking time! So just have to wait for insurance which should only take a week. Fingers crossed!!!!

On another note, the main electrical breaker in our house fucking shit the bed and that repair cost us $250. I feel shitty because our savings hasn’t been fed in a while and we haven’t been able to pay down on our debt boss. My hubs did finally put his baby girl (his car) up for sale!!! He got a bunch of hits but no takers as of yet. Next month I have next to no overtime at work. BALLZ. But my husband did get a second job!!! He’s going to be bartending at a new restaurant that is opening up!!! I’m so happy and proud of him. Love that guy so much!!! Well I should get back to work! booooooo



Potty Mouth Girl!


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