Adulting Sucks


Ok I feel a little better. So the savings account took another hit. Went to pick up my prescription from the drive up at Rite Aid and I rolled down my window and it WOULDN’T ROLL BACK UP!!!!!!! Nooooooooooooooooo! I was on my way to work so I couldn’t do anything about it. I was worried all night at work that someone was going to steal my car. So I took it to my mechanic to get it fixed. I had to get a oil change and replace a boot??? Don’t know what that is but had to be done. Final total- $4oo fucking dollars. Our savings is so depleted now and the overtime at work is going to be non existent next month so I’m stressing hard!!!!!! I’m also impatiently waiting for my phone call in regards to scheduling my pre-admission testing and weight loss surgery. I’m so worried that my insurance company is going to deny my surgery. But now I’m thinking that we may not be able to afford for me to take off time for the surgery. So sad pants right now……….

A photo by Matthew Wiebe.
Pretty much how I feel right now

Photo credit: Matthew Wiebe


Stupid Expenditures/ Final Weigh-In!!


I’ll start with budget and expenditures!!! This summer has been costly…fukin eh! For August the husband’s car needed inspection which resulted in the car needing new brakes and rotors ($530 OUCH!!!!!) in order for it to pass. (sadface) Also my husband didn’t tell me about the suit rental ($150) for our friends wedding so I hadn’t budgeted for it and instead of taking money from our savings and paying for it that way, he put it on the visa (super fucking angry face.) Mind you we had FINALLY gotten the visa to under $2K the week before!!!!! I need to confiscate the credit cards from him and hide them. Continue reading