Debt Boss: First Snowball Payment!!!

To show how excited I am to make our first debt snowball payment I drew a picture in MS Paint!!!!! lol (I don’t have photoshop 😦 )

GO ART SCHOOL!!!! (I knew I’d use this education some day….)

I can art ‘n shit

WELLLL!!! Me and my Main Tank threw some money at our debt boss ho-bag! We made our first snowball debt payment! Snow balls in your mouth!!!! No more Lowe’s credit card Continue reading


Debt Boss: Plan of Attack

Sooooooooooooooooo….. my main man, aka the Hubs, gave me some constructive criticism on my first blog post and he nailed it on the head….. Yes, I Potty Mouth, am a complete f*cking scatterbrain! I’m all over the place! I think I have mild A.D.D. to tell you the truth! And it obviously comes out in my last post so I apologize for that. (I’m also a really good procrastinator :D)


The Husband and I are totally gonna snowball the shit out of our debt!!! SO F*CKING EXCITED!! So here is our debt boss line up from smallest to fattest: Continue reading

Debt Boss: Hard Mode

MY FIRST POST!! (Total Lvl 1 newb with shit gear!!!!)

WARNING: I have a potty mouth so if swearing or offensive shit hurts your eyeballs best leave now!!!

FYI Gaming terminology: Gamer Jargon!

Debt Boss…… Almost everyone has it, amiright????

Well the Hubs and I wanna slay that Demon Bitch and collect mad loot/epic gear! Or as non gaming nerds call it: save that cash money yo! and invest in our retirement without debt hogging our money! (so rude, right???? pfffffff) Continue reading