I went MIA! SO BAD! Update!

Welp! I neglected my blog 😦

I’m a baddie, I know

Just to catch up- still slugging away at that debt whore! The Hubs and I decided to switch to a debt avalanche instead of a debt snowball. So we are now flinging money at the debt with the highest interest rate: fucking visa! lol

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Shit I Like!

This list will get bigger but for now here are some of my favorite books, websites, finance blogs, apps, and other shit!!!

Finance Blogs!!!!

Mr Money Mustache. Fuck ya this guy is amaze-balls! He and his wifey retired in their early 30’s and are cruising pretty! His articles are always interesting and informative. Love that stache! And he’s Canadian so it makes him even more awesome!

Budgets Are Sexy This guy is a goldmine!! So much info and just an all around good resource! Plus he drives the Franken- Caddy and its fucking hilarious lol. He also has another site called Rockstar Finance that’s financial shit he finds from all over the internetz! He has cool hair too.

Frugalwoods Well these people are cute as hell. I wanna pinch their cheeks. Their little family is comprised of Mr and Mrs Frugalwoods, Babywoods, and Frugalhound. (Who always has the most darling outfits on!) I’m totally jealous of these assholes (I mean that in a loving way of course!) They have my dream property. Continue reading

Pizza Reward and Meal Prep!!!

OOOHH Hello there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My Main Tank (Hubs) and I kicked the shit out of spring cleaning at the Potty Mouth residence last Caturday (Saturday.) Holy fuck did that suck but it was so rewarding to see our home all sparkly and puurdy!!! Potty Mouth Pooch supervised cause she’s so good at that! We also had our first Potty Mouth family financial meeting!! We did the budget together!! I even sat on my hands and let the hubs input the numbers into our budget app- Everydollar. It was great and since we worked so hard me and the hubs treated ourselves to a growler of craft saison beer (I ❤ Beer), homemade pizza, and Red Box!!! (We set money aside for entertainment purposes- you can be frugal and have fun on the cheap: Growler $23, Movie $1.99)

The recipe I used for the pizza crust is from Leanne Brown’s Good and Cheap. I used the long version and made the dough the night before. It tastes better that way IMO. I also make it with whole wheat flour- its good for the bod! I made a margherita pizza because they are my fav!!! Hubby made chicken fajita thin crust and a cheese and bacon Sicilian style pizza. Continue reading

Debt Boss: First Snowball Payment!!!

To show how excited I am to make our first debt snowball payment I drew a picture in MS Paint!!!!! lol (I don’t have photoshop 😦 )

GO ART SCHOOL!!!! (I knew I’d use this education some day….)

I can art ‘n shit

WELLLL!!! Me and my Main Tank threw some money at our debt boss ho-bag! We made our first snowball debt payment! Snow balls in your mouth!!!! No more Lowe’s credit card Continue reading

Meal Prep Follow Up


I’m weak….. I bought shit at work to eat *sigh

And I’m f*cking exhausted. Worked 32 hours in 2 days!!! Anyways here’s how I did:

Monday I forgot to bring dressing for my salad and I bought a piece of lemon herb chicken. My salad was puny so I got the extra protein to hold me over.

Dressing: $0.20

Chicken: $2.00

Tuesday I kept hitting that f*cking annoying ass snooze button so I didn’t have time to Continue reading

Eating Heathly on a Budget

Just because you are being thrifty doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice healthy nutritious food. Me and the Hubs are total foodies and we have the extra cushion for the pushin to prove it. We are both trying to lose weight and be healthy so we can live long and happy lives together (I know- *barf lol) and we want to do it without breaking the bank!

I know ramen noodles are super f*cking yummy and only cost like $2 for a pack of 12 (dammit) but they are soooo bad for you. Though I could eat those bad boys for days….. We are trying to eliminate naughty foods from our grocery budget so those f*ckers got kicked off the list. Also my husband has refrained from buying slim jims as of late cause those Continue reading